Research Staff



Dr Elisabeth Winkler

Data Analyst

Cancer Prevention Research Centre

University of Queensland


Brief Biography

Dr Elisabeth Winkler is a senior data analyst with a seven-year history of working collaboratively with the UQ, Baker IDI and Deakin teams, who has considerable expertise in the development of approaches to analysis of device-based data.


Role in CRE

Lis provides statistical support and consultation across the three primary CRE teams. She is based at the University of Queensland and works closely with CIs Trost, Healy and Eakin. She Liaises with AIs Wong, Chastin, Matthews and Friedenreich, and is guided by AI Cerin in relation to the development and application of advanced-level biostatistical methods.


Dr Winkler also liaises with other CRE investigators and acts as a first line of advice on data analyses for scientific publications, reports, presentations and grant applications. An emphasis of her role is to assist CRE research fellows, students and research staff to further develop their data analysis skills via monthly online statistical clinics.