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Catalyst -  Sitting is Deadly 


 Presentations from the Centre of Research Excellence on Sitting Time and Chronic Disease Prevention -Measurement, Mechanisms and Interventions.

Satellite Meeting for The International Congress of Behavioural Medicine

6th December 2016 Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute | Melbourne



Neville Owen


Session 1 - Mechanistic underpinnings in sedentary beahviour and health - why is understanding the mechanisms so important?

Bronwyn Kingwell

Paddy Dempsey and Michael Wheeler

Elly Fletcher and Pia Varsamis

Megan Grace and Natasha Reid


Session 2 - How to reduce sitting and promote physical activity: what worked, what are the challenges, issues, learnings, what didn't work, why?

Genevieve Healy, Nyssa Hadgraft, Charlotte Brakenridge and Samantha Stephens

Bronwyn Sudholz and Ana Contardo-Ayala

Anna Timperio and Lauren Arundell


Session 3 - You have an intervention... now what to measure and how?

Elisabeth Winkler and Bronwyn Clark

Nicky Ridgers and Simone Verswijvere


Session 4 - From efficacy studies to the real world: translating research is not a straightforward process!

Genevieve Healy and Harriet Koorts